Speed Test: broadband Internet connection test

Speed Test - connection test and find your Internet speed. With connection speed test you know how fast you can download and upload data from your computer. Check if your connection is as fast as you pay for. Use our speed test!

Internet Speed Test - measure your bandwidth

With our Speed Test you can measure your Internet connection parameters. The tool present three tests that you can perform. After pushing "START" button the LATENCY TEST is performed. LATENCY tells us what delay value (in miliseconds) we can obserwer during transmition. Next DOWNLOAD TEST is performed. Download means how fast you can get the data from Internet (in Megabytes per second). The last test is the UPLOAD TEST. This test shows how fast you can send data to the remote server (in Megabytes per second, too). If you want to perform more detailed latency test try the PING TEST.

What are best practises?

There is new function added to broadband speed test. You can test now to many locations in the world. Check how fast is your Internet connection to every server and compare your results. The best values should apear where your distance to the server is as small as possible.

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Speed Test

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