Add your server to Speed Test

Read how to add your server to our map

Adding server to our map must be performed in two steps:

1. Install free speed test application in your server

To install this application prepare www server which meets the following requirements:

  • any www server software eg. Apache, Lighttpd, Nginx
  • PHP 5.x support
  • virtual server for your domain (eg. which is available on Internet
  • root access to the server

Next download the zip package containing application files:

and copy the /speedtest directory content to your server.

Remember - the crossdomain.xml file must be place on the root domain directory eg.

Then you need to run additional software (TCP Server - python 2.7 required) on your server (requires root access):

python tcpserver.pyc -d 1 -l 0

Make sure that 843 and 8080 TCP ports are not used by any other server software and they are unblocked in firewall.

2. Provide your server information

After completing all above steps, please provide the following information:

  • Your company name
  • Your company url address (eg.
  • Url to your app installation (eg.
  • Server country code (two letters, eg. IN)
  • Server city name (eg. New Delhi)

Please send this information to If you have any questions or issues in installation, please also contact us.