Free Speed Test Mini Application for your website

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Insert code to your website:

If you want to use our servers infrastructure - choose this method. This is the easiest way for installation. Just paste the code to you website:

Application width (600-1200): px

or install speed test application in your server:

Are you ISP or have your own www server? Install the free aplication to increase your site quality and stats.

To install this application prepare www server which meets the following requirements:

  • any www server software eg. Apache, Lighttpd, Nginx
  • PHP 5.x support
  • virtual server for your domain (eg. which is available on Internet

Next download the zip package containing application files:

and copy the /speedtest directory content to your server.

Remember - the crossdomain.xml file must be place on the root domain directory eg.

If you have server with uplink connection faster than 100 Mbps, run additional software (TCP Server - python 2.7 required) to achieve more accurate results:

python tcpserver.pyc -d 1 -l 0

Make sure that 843 and 8080 TCP ports are not used by any other server software and they are unblocked in firewall.