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Amber Lopez

She works like Database’s Developer. She has extensive experience in implementing projects. Her professional career from the beginning was related to finance and banking. Specialization in the area of relational databases. Analysis and optimization of operational processes and production remains its main source of professional interest.

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e-mail: amber.lopez@speedtest.net.in

Eric Summers

The speaker at conferences telecommunications. He specializes in Linux system management, computer networks, but also in the free space propagation model. Network and Systems Administrator of Linux.  An administrator with more than ten years of experience. Specialist Safety and Red Hat Certified Engineer. He has been cooperating with our company a good couple of years 🙂

article from Eric: http://speedtest.net.in/news/author/eric.summers
e-mail: eric.summers@speedtest.net.in

Khumar Malik

Now, he is programmer PHP, javascript and databases. His adventure with programming started from the 8-bit computers and still has a great fondness for the retro computers

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e-mail: khumar.malik@speedtest.net.in

Terry Ferguson

He is an experienced developer of Java and the Android operating system. During his career, he participated in several projects related to mobile devices. He is creating mobile applications for Android for two years.

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e-mail: terry.ferguson@speedtest.net.in

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