Everyone who uses the Internet should be aware the fact that each computer is identified by IP address. This address may be fixed or dynamic. If the IP address is dynamic then computer will get this from DHCP server (this functionality has also every router). Why do we need IP addresses? It is simple. These addresses are required for communication, because they determine the destination and the source for packets. Nowadays, tracking techniques are very good developed, so IP address is like your id in Internet, because it leaves a permanent trace of your presence. We can check who writes posts or chats. Can we change our IP address when we do not want to be identified or bypass the IP address blockage? Yes, we can!

We can do this in several ways. The chosen technique depends entirely on our expectations. If we want to write post on forum using different IP address we can use simply proxy server. It will allow us to watch movie or download a file when our IP address is restricted or blocked. But, before we will start, we should check our IP address at first. We can use for it simple website tool (e.g. https://www.whatismyip.com/). Of course, you can check your IP address in your OS. But there is one catch. Most of internet providers use NAT and mask our IP address. We are in their local network with C class address (e.g. and we all use the same external IP address. Not everyone is aware of it, therefore it is better to use an external tool.

Web PROXY server

Let’s try the simplest way to hide our IP address. It is very popular technique and you can find a lot of services which provide it (e.g. THIS). If we want to hide our address, then we have to open web proxy side and past the link where we want to go. It is very simple, isn’t it? So, let’s check it. At first, we check our IP without proxy:



Now, we open the same side via web proxy server:






TADAH!! We have new IP address. It is very simple, but in my opinion it is not so comfortable. Let’s try something else.

Hide IP software

This kind of tools also exists. There is a lot of application which allow to change our IP address to the random one. To be more precisely, these tools mask our IP. The most often recommended this type tool on IT forums is Hide IP Platinum, which is also available in trial version. Let’s see how it works. After an installation you can choose the fake location. So now, all external services will see your fake location. You do not have paste any links etc.



Tor network and dedicated browser

What is Tor? It is a network which allows us to browse the Internet anonymously. To make it easier, we can install Tor Browser Bundle. Sic! Linux version is also available!



SSH Tunnels and VPN servers

There are also solutions for more advanced users who have their own servers or virtual machines in clouds. They can setup VPN server with NAT or SSH tunnel to the external machine.