The biggest issue of Android smartphones are the updates. It is not possible to provide the newest operating system for each model, because we have a lot of different smartphones on the market. Some of them have also weak components. However manufacturers are not in a hurry to prepare an update, they prefer to work on new model.

During the first week of January, Android Marshmallow version was installed on 0.7% of all Android devices. In February this result was better and almost doubled, because 1.2% of devices had the newest Android version. How does it look now? Android Marshmallow is installed on 2.3% of Android smartphones and tablets, so the trend is good, but not satisfactory. However, not so many manufacturers have provided the upgrade. We all are still waiting for the fulfillment of all promises.

However, I have also good news for you. Lollipop (36.1%) finally beat the KitKat version (34.3%) 🙂 Also Jelly Bean (22.3%) lost some market share, but still these three the most popular Android operating system versions have 92.7% of the total market share. The data was collected during a 7-day period ending on March 7, 2016.