A lot of Android Marshmallow users are happy because of new energy saving feature, i.e. Doze. Now Android users can forgot to plugin their smartphone to the charger before they go to sleep and they will not oversleep. Unfortunately a lot of prerequirements have to be meet in order to enable Doze functionality.

Where is the problem? Doze feature will be enabled if the smartphone is not used from a certain date and the screen is turned off. It is perfect when we leave our smartphone on a desk or a bedside cabinet. However, what will happen when we are moving? Unfortunately motion sensors are active, so Doze functionality will not be enabled.

Is there any solution for this problem? Of course, it is. You have to only install Greenify app from Google Play and enable Aggressive Doze feature. However this still requires Android 6.0 version. If you have older version then we recommend you to use Doze application, which saves energy immediately after the screen turns off.