At the beginning of every month, Google prepares the statistics about Android version installed on devices running Google Play Store application. These data are very interesting, because it allows us to track progress in the spread of Android Marshmallow updates.

In the previous month, we could notice that Android Marshmallow had noted reported a nearly twofold increase in popularity from 1.3% of market share in February to 2.3%. How does it look now? According to the data collected by Google during a 7-day period ending on April 4, 2016, Android Marshmallow is installed on 4.6% of all active Android devices. All remaining version have recorded a slight decrease, Lollipop from 36.1% to 35.8%, KitKat from 34.3% to 33.4% and Jelly Bean from 22.3% to 21.3%. These three versions are the most popular and have 90.5% of the market share what is 2.2% less than a month ago. As you can see, Android Marshmallow has gained 2.3%, so what goes around comes around.