A lot of us have issues with quick discharging batteries in our smartphones. For our luck phone manufactures know this problem and their constantly work on solution of this kind of problems.

We think that a lot of you have the power bank in the bag, because you probably use your smartphone very intensively. Do you know maybe fast/quick charging solutions? Qualcomm and Samsung have development methods with speed up the charging process. However, what will happen if we combine these two solutions (i.e. power bank and quick charging)? This kind of device has just been launched on the market by Samsung!!!

New power bank from Samsung has 5200 mAh capacity and is able to charge smartphone battery up to 50% in 30 minutes! Unfortunately the fast charging technique is supported by limited number of Samsung devices (i.e. Galaxy Note 5, Galaxy Note 4, Galaxy Note Edge, Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 Active, Galaxy S6 Edge and Galaxy S6 Edge+). Here you can see how it works in practice: