Google annually presents a report on the security level of its mobile operating system. Android is a system chosen by almost every smartphone manufacturer. The competition is small because practically only Apple uses its own solution. That’s why Android and iOS are the target of every cyber criminal who is interested in mobile devices. Google thinks that Android 8 Oreo is just as secure as iOS. However, there is one problem with this.

Many people think that Android smartphones are not the safest. That’s why people who value their privacy choose Apple products. The iOS system has one advantage over a green robot system. It is of course a fragmentation and a short time of support for producers. In the case of Apple, even older iPhones receive an update to the latest iOS. In the case of Android, most producers are limited to a two-year support period. This issue not only affects updating to the latest version of Android, but also providing security-related patches. Android Oreo can be a secure mobile operating system, but it does not solve all problems.

Google Play Protect

Android Oreo is installed on 1.1% smartphones with Android

This means that as many as 99 out of 100 Android smartphones use a much less secure system. Fortunately, Google is aware of existing problems. One of them is the number of devices that receive monthly security updates. Google worked together with smartphone manufacturers to simplify the patch delivery process. Thanks to this, in 2017 as many as 30% more smartphones received the latest security updates than it was the year before. Another improvement is the strengthening of the Play Protect mechanism, which protects us against the installation of malicious applications from the official Google store. Every day, 50 billion applications are scanned, and machine learning mechanisms have detected over 60% of potential threats. In addition, Google has rebuilt the architecture of Android Oreo, which makes it difficult for hackers to create dangerous applications. During the 2017 Mobile Pwn2Own competition, no one has broken into the Google Pixel smartphone with the latest version of Android Oreo installed.

The full version of the Android Security 2017 Year in Review report was published by Google in the form of a PDF file.

Source: Google