Nexus smartphones are always treated like iPhones, but from Google. Maybe this attitude stems from the fact that Google provides Nexus users all updates very quickly and they also support older models. However, Google never manufactured Nexus mobiles, they was only cooperated with smartphone producers. It looks that this will change in the near future.

Google seriously thinks about more control over production (and design) process of Nexus smartphones. They want to tread their flagship Android smartphones just like Apple treads iPhones. The idea is to limit (or even eliminate) impact of manufacturing company on smartphone design! I do not write about the appearance, but components selection, software design and implementation. It looks that LG, Motorola (i.e. Lenovo), Samsung, HTC and Huawei will not decide what they will manufacture in the cooperation with Google.

What is the reason of this move?

Google CEOSundar Pichai, wants to make Android position stronger on the market. We all know that the biggest disadvantage of Android smartphones is lack of updates and not optimized software. iPhones theoretically have worse components than flagship Android smartphones, but as you remember, the iPhone 6s was the most powerful flagship smartphone in 2015. Also, cloud and streaming solutions from Apple have very strong position on the market. It looks that people very like consistent products and it is not possible to prepare such a product when operating system, hardware and additional applications are prepared by different vendors. I know that Samsung tries to prepare consistent portfolio, but it is virtually impossible, because operating system (i.e. Android) is developed by Google. Android wants to beat iOS, but it will possible only on smartphone prepared from the beginning to the end by Google.