Do you know what we like the most in Microsoft/Nokia Lumia phones? Here Maps which are free and works in the offline mode! However we have great news for you. Your favorite maps on Android (Google Maps) works in offline, finally!

In our opinion Google provides very good navigation. It has not only very big database of locations but also great routing algorithm. Unfortunately it requires Internet connection for operation, so it consumes your mobile data packet where your are traveling. Therefore, we are not surprised to find that many users were waiting for this update with longing.


Starting from Google Maps 9.17.0 version, offline areas feature is supported. How does it work? At first you have to select the area which will be downloaded. After this the area will be updated every 15 days when the device will being charged and WiFi module will be enabled.


What are limitations? Unfortunately walking navigation will require Internet connection, however it will be changed in the future and we will able to use the navigation in offline mode. You will also have limited information about places (e.g. restaurants). Also the Earth mode will not be available.

If you do not want to wait for the newest version in Play Store then you can install it from HERE. Unfortunately iOS users will have to wait a little longer for this feature.