Android is a nuisance not a single user phones. People do not like its and complain. While the people are right about lack of updates and security holes, however we have the different opinion when it refers to the speed of Android devices.

We are here on the other side of the barricades, because we do not fully believe that Android does not operate optimally itself. We can even venture to say that applications that we install make our devices slower. It so happened that AVG has confirmed our observations. They created a report showing which applications are aggravating.


Applications that run automatically

The infamous winner in this category is none other than Facebook. After all, everyone must have it and it is always launched in the background.


Facebook took the first place in three categories: the overall impact on performance, highest data traffic and the largest storage consumption. The top five traffic load was also another social media tool, i.e Instragram. Most people have them running at the same time, so we can see for where weeping comes.

Applications run manually

We still have the second table. This time, AVG has made a statement of most aggravating applications that are run by users (not during the startup of operating system).


Here, another Social Media, which is Snapchat. Often there are applications for music listening, i.e. Spotify and Amazon’s store.


As you can see, most of these applications that we like are very “heavy” for our operating system. This is not a novelty. Installed programs must always something to eat and will not be small resources. Unfortunately, later we are surprised that life-time on battery is very short and our smartphone suddenly has become to be slow. Probably pure Android to call and write SMS would not behave in this way.