Smart devices surround us and provide new opportunities. Intelligent washing machines, dishwashers and even refrigerators will soon be commonplace. Therefore, any interruption in access to the Internet will be painful for us. Fortunately, our smartphones can share their Internet connection to our other devices. It can simply operate as a Wi-Fi hotspot. This is a very useful feature that Googlettngineers have decided to improve. The new, completely maintenance-free feature is called as Instant tethering.

Google engineers came up with very interesting idea, which help us access to the Internet. The latest version of Android Nougat operating system, i.e. 7.1.1 version, supports new functionality allowing instant Internet connection sharing. It is designed to work with nearby devices that are connected to the same Google Play account. The ideal explanation of this functionality is an example of our smartphone and tablet. In the absence of home Wi-Fi network, tablet losses overall ability to use the Internet. To prevent this, it will have the ability to restore access to the network through devices that are nearby. Tablet will communicate via Bluetooth with a smartphone that supports Instant tethering. It also creates a private Wi-Fi network, which is used for Internet connection sharing.

Instant Tethering is dedicated to people who have more than one device.

This feature comes together with Play Store app 10.2 version update. Of course, the entire service will be available only in case, if it is enabled it in the settings. Therefore, people with a small data plans should not be worried about over-consumption of mobile data. The automatic Internet sharing feature is really salvation for owners of several Android devices. This is very confident, because they do not have to go into the settings and manually enable tethering.

Instant Tethering

Owners of Nexus and Pixel smartphones with Android Nougat 7.1.1 version can already enjoy new fast Internet sharing feature. The Nexus 9 and Pixel C tablets may act only as clients of this service. Fortunately client mode of Instant tethering is also supported by Android Marshmallow. If you have other device, then you will have to wait for an update prepared by a manufacturer.

Source: AndroidPolice