I hate the fact that Android market is very fragmented. People have a lot of smartphones with old operating system version. This is very annoying for developers, because they have to provide backward compatibility or they will lose users.

Android is good operating system, but it is unfortunately maintained by wrong people. I do not have any complaints against Android developers. They continuously are working on new features and they also provide fixes. However, these fixes are not installed on our mobiles because of the strategy of smartphone manufacturers. To be honest, a lot of people with old Android OS feel to be discriminated. You never know if your smartphone gets the next Android version. This is lottery. To be honest, only owners of expensive flagship smartphones may have some semblance of upgrade warranty.


I have decided to collect for you some facts about fragmentation of Android operating system.

I am happy because of every information about Android Marshmallow update and every increase of its market share. However, I thought that Android Marshmallow will be installed on larger amount devices than it is now. I hope that the situation will be better in the future. Android is at the moment the most popular operating system over the world. However, Apple with iOS is the winner in some markets (i.e. North America, Australia and some European countries).



Statistics from the last three months look promising.

Google publishes detailed information about fragmentation of Android market at the beginning of every month. These data are very reliable, because they use statistics from Play Store, therefore only active users (i.e. smartphones) are included. An increasing popularity of Android Marshmallow is satisfactory, it gained 5% (from 10% to 15%) during these three months. However, Lollipop and KitKat are still the most popular Android versions. These are very old operating systems with a lot of vulnerabilities and lack of any support and updates from manufacturers. I am also very surprised that some people still use so old Android versions like Gingerbread.

Android fragmentation at the beginning of August 2016.
Android fragmentation at the beginning of August 2016.
Android fragmentation at the beginning of July 2016.
Android fragmentation at the beginning of June 2016.