Statistics show that Opera browser is quite popular on mobile devices in India. Therefore we hope that you look forward to new version of Operas (two versions) for Android. 


New Opera allows to install web pages as applications and to compress videos. In Mini version new way of tab usage is implemented.

Video compression will allow to save mobile data plans in more efficient way. However more interesting is installation of web pages as web application. It works in that way, that Opera will create shortcut on your main screen. Therefore you will not have to run web browser in order to access your favorite website.

In Opera Mini we will able to open new tabs in background (finally:)). Also file download manager is improved, because  now we will see notifications about downloaded files. In our opinion the most interesting is new compression mode. Now, you have the choice between EXTREME MODE and HIGH MODE. The fist mode is more efficient, i.e. it saves more data, however your experience suffers. In new mode compression ratio is worst, however you will still save data and pages will look better. We can not wait to test this in practice 🙂