Smartphones with two SIM cards are a very nice solution for people with 2 phone numbers, but they have one disadvantage. Namely, only one of the card can use the 4G LTE network, while the other one is logged into the 2G GSM network. However, Qualcomm solved this problem with the dual VoLTE function, which can already be used by Nokia 7 Plus owners.

In a standard dual SIM smartphone, the user has to decide which card will be used for data transmission, and consequently, use the LTE network. In this case, the second SIM card uses the older technology, i.e. 2G GSM. This should not disturb anyone, but the operators try to limit the resources used by the older and less efficient solution. Another advantage of the dual VoLTE function is also the fact that voice calls made with the LTE network offer the best quality of calls. Our smartphone then uses voice codecs that have a higher bandwidth than the codecs used in the already obsolete GSM.

Nokia 7 Plus will soon support LTE on two SIM cards at the same time

Juho Sarvikas announced some time ago on Twitter that his company (i.e. HMD Global) will soon release an update for Nokia 7 Plus, which will introduce dual VoLTE support. The update is now available in India. The firmware marked with the V2.22A number introduces a new functionality. However, this does not mean that customers of all cellular networks will be able to use this feature right away. Unfortunately, a large part of smartphones that support VoLTE and Wi-Fi Calling on the technical side can not activate this function after logging into the network of each operator. This is due to the fact that each operator uses individual VoLTE settings that must be loaded into the smartphone software. This, of course, involves additional tests that must be carried out in cooperation with the smartphone manufacturer.

Despite all these inconveniences, dual VoLTE support is good news for every Nokia 7 Plus owner. Even without VoLTE service from the operator’s network, the smartphone will continue to use two LTE networks. However, when you make a voice call, it will be automatically switched to a 3G network that also supports HD Voice. The connection quality will be slightly worse than in the case of VoLTE, but it is still better than talking via GSM.

Source: Twitter, fonearena