New smartphones with Nokia logo are very popular. Fortunately HMD Global wants to prove that they do not rest on their laurels and their products will not only delight mechanical strength. Nokia 2017 smartphones are going to break the stereotype of smartphones with Android, which suffer from a lack of updates. I do not mean here even upgrade to the latest version of the system. However, It irritates me that most mobile in the world is full of holes as Swiss cheese. Therefore, any smartphone that receives regular security updates, is at a premium.

Now, to this group joined Nokia 3, Nokia 5 and Nokia 6, which are this year’s proposals from HMD Global with the logo of the famous Finnish telecommunication company. We had several scandals of malware for Android. Therefore, several producers declared themselves that their flagship mobiles will receive updates with fixes for newly-discovered vulnerabilities. Currently, such a privilege have only owners of Google Pixel, Nexus and Samsung Galaxy smartphones. However, not for every model. This support is also not eternal. Frequently, manufacturers declare a two-year period for issuing an update, and then decide for themselves when they finish official support.

Nokia Mobile promised to provide regular updates of their smartphones

This declaration was placed on Twitter in response to a question from potential customers. HMD Global declares on its website that their smartphones will be updated, but they did not give any specifics. Therefore, information about the monthly bulletin with security fixes is promising. So far, Nokia Mobile will be able to afford to prepare an update for all smartphones, but soon this may change. Currently their offer includes 3 pretty similar devices. They have also the same version of the operating system, namely Android 7 Nougat.

Nokia 6 is available on theĀ Chinese market with Android Nougat version 7.1.1. It is quite probably, that other models in the series also will get the latest version of OSĀ from Google. I bet that HMD Global will not combine too much and they will use the pure Android, with a small amount of modification. At least initially, it will be a good strategy because it will facilitate and accelerate the process of implementing security patches. If all the models in the series, namely Nokia 3, 5 and 6, receive updates every month for two years, then we will have the nice phenomenon on Android market. So far, none of the manufacturers have tempted by this kind of support for the cheaper models. Maybe thanks to HMD Global, we will no longer need to buy expensive flagship mobiles in order to worry about leakage of our data and to sleep peacefully.

Source: Nokia Mobile (Twitter)