Nokia Mobile, which is the department behind which HMD Global stands, takes to seriously the promise of quickly updating released smartphones. Android P is to be available for all available models. That’s why the Chinese branch of Nokia Mobile has organized registered beta tests for Android P for four selected models of smartphones: Nokia 6.1, 7, 7 plus and 8 Sirocco.

HMD Global has a very specific policy regarding software installed on smartphones with the Nokia logo. Finns make sure that the Android supplied by them is as “clean” as possible (i.e. have the least modification to the system provided by Google), secure (had the latest security patches installed) and up-to-date (updates are delivered every month). In practice, all three of these goals are achieved thanks to the strict observance of the first point. However, even if HMD Global does not use too many overlays, the new Android must be adapted to each smartphone. However, the manufacturer can simplify this process by asking for help from his clients through beta testing programs.

Nokia has organized beta testing of Android P via social media

China is a quite specific country that has its own rules. Let’s start with the fact that Nokia Mobile already offers the possibility to participate in the Android P Developer Preview program. However, it is available only for the owners of the global version of Nokia 7 Plus. More smartphones are unlikely to go into this program, because Google allows each manufacturer to add only one smartphone model to the tests. That’s why the Chinese branch of Nokia Mobile decided to organize its own program, which was announced through the Baidu social networking site. For some reason, the company’s employees decided that this form of communication would be more effective than the announcement on the official Nokia website.

The registration consisted of placing the answer under the post with the announcement. At the same time, Nokia indicated that participation in the program will also depend on the previous experience of the candidate with other beta tests. This means that the software being tested will not be intended for every user because it will contain a lot of errors. However, the commitment of smartphone owners to Android P tests at such an early stage of adaptation will surely translate into a faster preparation of final updates.

Source: LoveNokia