Some time ago in the network appeared information that smartphones from well-known Chinese manufacturers gather quite detailed data about users. These are the famous OnePlus flagship killers, which in the data sent to the manufacturer contain information about phone numbers, IMSI, IMEI, operator name and Wi-Fi networks. OnePlus did not intend to evade liability and confessed to error, and promised changes in OxygenOS Analytics policy.

The producer immediately stated that the data collected was intended to improve after-sales support. So OnePlus uses them to make better OxygenOS updates, which are designed to improve the performance of already released devices. So no one should be surprised that the smartphone manufacturer monitors how often its devices are reset, how long it takes them to restart, how long the users turn on the screen, etc. But no one can imagine why OnePlus collects sensitive data, which allow to uniquely identify the user. Here the Chinese seriously violated their image.

OnePlus will release a software update to streamline OxygenOS Analytics.

Theoretically, users should not have any concerns about their privacy. OnePlus reserves the right to collect and transmit data collected and stored securely and not to third parties. The manufacturer also promised that by the end of the month there would be an update to the OxygenOS system that would ask the user to join the user experience testing program. A special message will ask not only for approval, but will also tell you in detail what data will be collected. OnePlus has promised that their smartphones will no longer send information including phone numbers and other sensitive information.

Source: OnePlus

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