This is sad news for Opera Max users. Three months ago we were happy with the new version, which introduced up to 50% of the data compression for the Facebook application. Recently, Opera has announced that they were terminating the development of its application, which drastically lowers the consumption of data packets. Fortunately, the service still works, but it is unknown when Opera will definitively disable this.

Those who have previously installed Opera Max can still use it. You can also download the apk installation file and install it on your smartphone. For this purpose, the best (i.e. the safest) will be the APKMirror website, where you will find version 3.1.52. You can safely install and use it. However, do not expect any updates. Opera Max was a very interesting project used not only by Opera users, but also other browsers. The biggest advantage of the service was probably the compression of video content and the encrypted traffic generated by other apps (e.g. Facebook).

Opera explains discontinuation of the Opera Max because they want to focus on browser development.

Is the company lacking developers? This is quite possible because Opera has been pretty clear about the development of their applications on Apple devices lately. Opera makes it clear that they intend to focus on specific projects. Unfortunately, there is no place for Opera Max, a VPN service that compresses data and thus saves data package usage. The data compression option itself is still available in Opera mobile browsers, but it applies only to visited sites.

Those who can not imagine life without Opera Max can use NEOPARD – data savings. It is also a free VPN that compresses the transmitted data. It belongs to a French startup who promises to take care of the privacy of the users. Will it gain popularity after the end of development of Opera Max? I do not know, but the fact is that Opera Max had more than 50 million users.

Source: Opera