I did not share with you this information a month ago, but Android Marshmallow has exceeded the magic limit of 10% market share at the beginning of June. Now, the situation is better, but not the perfect. Every new released Android smartphone has the newest (i.e. Marshmallow) operating system. How much is Android Marshmallow devices on the market?

The newest data published by Google shows that Android Marshmallow is installed on 13.3% of active devices.

Generally, this is very good information, because we have about 30% more (I have assumed that the total number of active Android devices did not change so much) Android devices with the newest operating system that a month ago. However, Lollipop (i.e. Android 5.x) still has 35.1% of the market and it lost only 0.3% of the market. So, this is still the most popular version of Android. KitKat has noted 1.5% loss, but still it is installed on 30.1% of Android smartphones and tablets.

This data was collected during 7 days period (as always) ending on July 11th.