Samsung has always had something like what set this company apart from the competition. New technology, sophisticated gadgets like 3D camera, interchangeable modules, “safe batteries”, or an original graphic interface. Recently the well-known TouchWiz was replaced by new Samsung Experience. I hope that this will not end in the same way like change from Internet Explorer to Edge.

A lot of people afraid that Samsung Experience will the same as TouchWiz, but with new name. Koreans plan to release their new interface together with Android 7.0 Nougat for their flagship smartphones. Currently new graphics interface is under development and testing. What has changed and why this change is so important for the new line of Samsung? We can find the answer to this question in the latest beta of Android 7.0 for Samsung smartphones.

New Samsung Experience interface has become a minimalist, but there is also something else.

At the beginning new overlay was named Grace TouchWiz UX. To be hones, the name is not important in my opinion, but a lot of people have bad associations with TouchWiz name. This interface was very slow. New Samsung Experience is optimized and it does not slow down our devices any longer. Everything works and is reliable. Animations and navigation system go smoothly. New GUI is also eye-catching.

Would you like to test Samsung Experience on your smartphone?

If you are an owner of Samsung Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge, you can sign up to the open beta test program. After this, your mobile will receive the latest update to the beta version of Android operating system. After the installation, you will have Android Nougat with Samsung Experience.

The update introduces many innovations to the system itself, as well to the phone. However, you have to remember that this is still beta version. Therefore, you can not expect that your smartphone will be stable as always. People claim that the current version of Android Nougat beta version for Samsung devices works pretty well, so everything is up to you.