Android smartphones have one, but a very serious problem. Manufacturers rarely declare how long they will deliver updates to particular models. We can usually expect manufacturers will provide Android updates for most of the flagship mobiles for the 2 years years after release. The other models are different story. However, people who bought Samsung smartphones should be happy. It looks that even get the Galaxy S6 will get the Android Oreo update.

Leaked list of Samsung devices which will receive an update to Android 8.0 Oreo has been published on the Weibo, Chinese social network portal. Its authenticity is not clear, but it comes from the ice universe, who is reliable leaker on Samsung smartphones. The list of 36 devices is from November 24th.

Samsung Galaxy Oreo update

This is the second rumour about the Android Oreo update for Samsung Galaxy S6.

Earlier on the network, we could find screenshots showing a conversation with a support technician who assured that the Samsung Galaxy S6 will receive an update to the Android Oreo. There are no details about the approximate date of release of this update, but it should not surprise anyone. Each smartphone manufacturer provides the latest Android version for the newest flagship and other devices are next. Android Oreo beta program is already available for the Galaxy S8. The same operating system will also hit all variants of the Galaxy S6, which is quite a pleasant surprise for owners of these devices, since their release has been over for more than 2 years. The list also includes not yet officially unannounced this year version of Galaxy A models, which according to existing leaks are expected to appear with Nougat on board. If this list reflects the reality, then Samsung customer will have a great reason to enjoy. It seems that Koreans are beginning to take care of their customers and update also mid range smartphones. It is also worth to mention that the 2-year support period has been exceeded.

Source: WeiboAndroidOS