Samsung has decided to release two version of their newest flagship smartphones, i.e. Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge models. The main difference between smartphones which you can find on different market is used SoC. The version available in United States, China and Japan has Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 on board. All the others have to be satisfied with Exynos 8890 chip. However, do we have reason to worry?

At first, let’s check the numbers. PhoneArea service has prepared great comparison of two platforms. Both chips are manufactured in the same 14 nm technology and have very similar parameters. Exynos has higher clicking frequency of the two first CPU cores and graphics unit, but Snapdragon has faster memory. There is no secret, Qualcomm Snapddragon 820 provides higher performance than Samsung Exynos 8890, but the difference is slight, i.e. only 5%.

Comparison of Snapdragon and Exynos 8890 SoCs, source:
Comparison of AnTuTu benchmark results, source:

Very interesting test was performed by AndroidAuthority service. They have compared battery file time of two models of Samsung Galaxy S7, i.e. SM-G930F – Exynos model – (you will buy the same version in India) and SM-G930V – Snapdragon model – (Verizon Wireless version – US mobile carrier). Each smartphone was tested at the same display brightness and under the same testing conditions. Every test was performed three times and the average values are being compared. As you can see, this looks very convincingly and we can trust that data. Their custom WiFi browsing test did not show any special differences, Exynos smartphone lasted 6 hours and 48 minutes, i.e. 18 minutes longer than Snapdragon version. During the video playback test they looped 5 minute video and put the smartphone into airplane mode. These results are very surprising for me. Samsung Galaxy S7 with Exynos SoC achieved amazing 15 hours and 11 minutes result, what is 28% better than Snapdragon 820 chip score, i.e. 11 hours and 52 minutes. Now is the time for the last test, i.e. standby battery life time. During this test, WiFi connectivity was enabled and each smartpone had the same apps syncing and notifications settings (11 applications in total). After 24 hours, they have checked the remaining battery level and extrapolated the potential standby battery life time. An again, the winner is Exynos 8890 chipset with 10 days and 2 hours result. Snapdragon 820 chip has achieved 9 days and 10 hours.