What is the biggest battery eater on our mobile phones? Of course – Facebook, Messenger and… Skype. But this is for each communicator. Without versions “Lite”, most of our phones would have to be all the time connected to power banks. It turns out, that the latest communicator also earned a lightweight version. Skype Lite appeared in Google Play, but now we still cannot download it from store.

Skype Lite was designed mainly for India users.

In the vast majority, they use less efficient equipment, where the normal Skype can’t run fast and without lags. Nothing unusual. Skype sometimes works slow on my iPhone 6S, so what it could be with much weaker hardware. Like any application of the Redmond giant, Skype is poorly optimized. Skype as a communicator offers very much, so we can not be surprised that a lot of good requirements is needs. We have a video chat, voice, text messaging, or video conferencing. List functionality is long. Skype Lite is a completely different application. This version was called previously Mingo. According to Skype Lite whizzes compared to advanced brother. Skype Lite is heavily thinner edition.

Skype Lite occupies only 13 MB of space and it does not drastically less functionalities.

In addition to supporting nine regional languages, Skype Lite also supports the so-called chatbots, allows you to read and reply to SMS and was equipped with tools to track data. The application offers video calls. Of course, we also have access to share photos, send files or stickers. But this is not that advanced as full version. At this really can work, without having to reset the application, every time. It is also important that Skype Lite uses India Stack – APIs, that allow the government and businesses to make them safe for residents of India.

If you cannot download it from Google Play, then you might as well visit the APK Mirror and there to look for application. Just remember to check the file with some antivirus before throwing it to the memory of your phone. Files for APK Mirror are not well verified and you can happen with an unpleasant surprise.

Source: TechCrunch