We all value our privacy, but sometimes we want to tell our friends where we are and where we are going. Then, instead of answering the standard questions like “Where are you?” or “When will you be?”, it is better to share not only your location but also its live track. This is what introduces one of the most popular instant messengers in the world, WhatsApp.

Features of this type are well-known in the “Where is the child” apps? However, WhatsApp and other IM applications do not continuous monitor the user. The same feature is available in Messenger from Facebook and Google Maps. I do not know how it looks in your case, but I have used this feature several times. It is very useful when organizing meetings with friends who are still on the way. This allows our interlocutor to know where we are and to be able to determine when they should leave to welcome us, and we avoid unnecessary waiting. Of course, privacy is here the most important aspect.

WhatsApp also encrypts the shared location.

This communicator has never been #1 in terms of introducing new functionalities. However, it is valued by all users for end-to-end encryption. This means that a live location is known only to our interlocutor. This option also works in group chat mode, and when your location is shared by other callers, they all appear on the same map. Of course, we can also choose how long we will share our position. You can also stop location sharing at any time. The new feature is being released in the so-called wave mode, i.e. it does not appear immediately for all users. However, it works on Android and iOS (Apple devices).

Source: WhatsApp

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