What Xiaomi Mi5 and iPhone SE have in common with each other? Everyone expected that these smartphones will be cheap and these assumptions were based on the official prices announced in the countries of production (i.e. US in case of iPhone SE and China in case of Xiaomi Mi5). Unfortunately, prices in India are much higher.

In case of iPhone SE, the joy did not last long. Apple has announced, that iPhone SE will cost $399 for 16 GB version, everyone thought that this is the worldwide price and iPhone SE will be priced in India stating from Rs. 30 000. However couple hours later, it turned out that this is only US price and this smartphone will be more expensive and we will have to pay 30% more, i.e. Rs. 39 000. Unfortunately, history repeated itself in the case of the newest China flagship smartphone from Xiaomi, i.e. Mi 5. The basic version, i.e. with 3 GB of RAM and 32 GB internal storage costs about Rs. 20 950 in China and everyone has expected that it will be similarly priced in India. Unfortunately, the price will be about 20% higher and we will have to pay Rs. 24 999 for the basic version of Xiaomi Mi 5 smartphone. A lot of people are disappointed and you can find a lot of negative comments about this in social medias. However, you should remember that Xiaomi Mi 5 is still cheaper than last year flagship Samsung Galaxy S6 smartphone.