All users of Android know that in order to install an application for this system, they have to use the Google Play store to find application in the list and simply click on the install button. Google, however, wants to strongly simplify this process. In my opinion it is still easy, but as you can see, some users need it even more truncated form. Google wants to put the whole process in one window and thoroughly search engine.

The truth is that applications belonging to Google Play are visible in search results for some time. However, until now, when clicked such a position, you were redirected to the Play Store in order to install the application. Google wants to make this process much simpler and faster. It is held in the floating window. It will include screenshots of the app, a description and the function of adding a program to your wishes. It looks pretty interesting. This function will obviously only work on Google and take advantage of it will be from the Chrome browser. It is only at the level of implementation. We can not yet test at home. But I know that this functionality has been tested on a group of active users a month ago. Here you can check how it should work.