I have great news for Sony Xperia Z3 users. You can already install Android N beta version on your smartphone 🙂 This information is not the fake! I know that a lot of us do not have even Marshmallow version. I do not know if you remember, but Sony did the same in case of Android M developer preview.

The Android N developer preview version is available for two models of Sony Xperia Z3 smartphone, i.e. D6603 and D6653. The update procedure is very simple:

  • connect Z3 smartphone to the computer using USB cable,
  • launch Xperia Companion application (version 1.1.24 or newer),
  • hold down the ALT key and click on Software repair,
  • follow the instruction,
  • you will be requested to disconnect and turn off the smartphone,
  • reconnect with the volume down key pressed,
  • flashing procedure will start automatically.

Remember that developer preview of Android N is intended for developers, because they want to test and adjust their applications on the oncoming operating system. If you want to use this daily, you will face a lot of issues and reports. You can report all your findings HERE.

You can install back the stable version of Android at any time using Software repair function in Xperia Companion tool.