The world is divided into fans of Apple and its opponents. Apparently. Those who adore Apple do not allow to say any bad word about this company, but as you can see, that complaints are the different story. Recently a large number of them on the new iPad Pro were reported. Is it just delusional or really with the hardware there is something wrong?

The mentioned complaints are placed on the official Apple forum. Users indicate that new iPad Pro is freezing during battery charging. In addition, they write that to solve the problem you have to reboot the operating system. As it turns out, Apple confirms that this kind of problem may occur. Unfortunately, the company did not inform why the problem occurs neither how to get rid of it. It does not look that the update will solve this issue.

Unfortunately users have to wait until Apple will find the root cause and fix this bug. We hope that this is SW issue and is not related with the hardware. However it is hard to believe that Apple released product with this kind of failure, because they are famous for very good quality and customer friendly approach.

If you have the same issue and Apple will not provide the fix in the near feature then we recommend you to report a warranty claim.