Apple has been long enough to complete the wireless revolution, which began in 2016 with the launch of AirPods. A year later, in the fall of last year, wireless charging came to iPhone 8, 8 Plus and X. However, Apple fans who bought these smartphones have to be satisfied with wireless chargers from other manufacturers. The AirPower mat announced at that time has not yet seen the light of day, and the engineers working on it are struggling with a few problems.

The whole problem boils down to the fact that the AirPower wireless mat announced last year is not just a charger. Fortunately, in this case, Apple decided not to reinvent the wheel and the Cupertino bosses agreed to introduce in the last year models of inductive charging technology compliant with the Qi standard. Thanks to this, Apple smartphones can be loaded with chargers from different manufacturers. However, Apple would not be himself if he did not want to prepare something of his own. Therefore, during the conference on which the iPhone X was presented, the AirPower wireless charger was also announced.

The AirPower charger has a problem with overheating

According to recent reports, Apple engineers have a problem overheating the AirPower mat when they load more than one device at a time. This is not surprising in all, because most Qi chargers that are available on the market can only charge one device, and yet some of them have a small fan. In addition, the operation of 3 devices requires assembly of 3 induction coils and 3 systems controlling the charging process. This is a fairly large amount of electronics that must be placed on a limited surface. However, not only physical problems are spent dreaming Apple engineers. Some of them are still working on the errors found in the AirPower charger firmware. As announced, Apple’s charging mat integrates with the iOS system, allowing you to display on the iPhone screen information on the progress of charging each device.

Initially, it was planned that the AirPower charger will be available for sale in June this year. However, construction problems have caused the release date to have been postponed by at least 3 months, i.e. to September. However, this is not official information, so we can wait even longer on a wireless charger in the Apple edition.

Source: Bloomberg