Apple has been escaping today for exclusive equipment. It used to be that this luxury was conditioned by quality and modernity. Today, however, he is building a price to pay for this brand.

Although this is not enough, apparently Apple continues to include financial hardships. The equipment is not sold as planned. Nothing unusual. People, however, went to their heads and did not sell organs for equipment. Although there will probably be exceptions. It does not change the fact that the giant from Cupertino decided to earn in a different way.

Apple has decided to block unauthorized repairs of its MacBooks 2018 and MacBook Pro.

It must be admitted that the Cuprtino service is the same price plate as the equipment itself. When I was supposed to fix the iPhone, it’s a shame to admit, but I chose an unauthorized service. It was a pity for me. Now the giant again wants to make life difficult for this type of business. The fight has been going on for a long time. This time, the software will block the possibility of repair in an unauthorized service. This applies to models equipped with the Apple T2 chip, which manages, among others, starting the machine. After performing the repairs, you will have to run a diagnostic program that will only be accessed by Apple and the websites that have been authorized by them.

It does not look good for companies that are bothering to repair Apple’s hardware “to the left.”
This means that the MacBook Pro 2018 will not be able to be replaced without the intermediation of the service anointed by the Cupertino company:

  • screen;
  • mainboard;
  • Touch ID;
  • top case (consisting of keyboard, battery, trackpad and speakers);
  • motherboard (iMac Pro);
  • flash memory (iMac Pro).

Any unauthorized repair will result in the system not starting.


Users would like to have the right to repair using parts that they choose.

However, this is not seen by Apple himself. Loss on profits and on reputation. By the way, it is not in their taste that the equipment with their logo uses worse substitutes. After all, Apple has to be considered exclusive. And the truth is that the problem concerns almost every industry we deal with every day.