What is the biggest advantage of Apple computers? Both the hardware and the operating system are designed by the same company, what allows for a large optimization and increased efficiency with theoretically weaker components. However, Apple does not produce all key components for Mac computers. MacBooks and iMacs have been equipped with Intel processors for over 10 years. This situation is expected to change in two years.

Bloomberg reached information about the Kalamata initiative, which aims to make Apple independent of Intel. This is, of course, about the Cupertino company producing its own processor that would power the MacBook and iMac devices. We all know that Apple dreams of creating an ecosystem independent of external suppliers, which is composed of perfectly matching devices. The design of own SoC for iPhones turned out to be a hit. Thanks to this, Apple is not dependent on the plans of such companies as Qualcomm. Also, the iOS system optimized for the ARM processor architecture of the same company, allows to gain a significant advantage over competitors in performance tests. Will the project of the original Apple processor for computers be also successful?

Apple may opt resign from Intel processors within 2 years

Currently, it is supposed that Apple can go in the direction of using ARM processors in their laptops and desktop computers. Currently, we have the first MacBooks and iMacs on the market equipped with ARM coprocessors that perform dedicated tasks (e.g. related to security). In some cases, laptops equipped with only ARM processors could be an interesting solution because they would offer extremely long battery lifetime. We must also remember that Apple has not yet resigned 100% from cooperation with Intel in the production of smartphones. In iPhones, LTE modems provided by external suppliers (Qualcomm and Intel) are still used and there is no indication that this would change in the near future. Perhaps Apple will design iMac, in which most of the tasks will be carried out by the ARM processor, while the Intel system would be used as a computational accelerator. Intel refused to comment on the Kalamata initiative:

“We don’t comment on speculation about our customers.”- Intel

Source: Bloomberg