We have heard more than once about smartphones that have saved their owners from death. Normally they were Nokia mobiles, which had stopped a small-caliber bullet. Modern smartphones are not indestructible, but they are quite resistant anyway. Although sometimes you can break a screen very easily, but sometimes they can surprise us. iPhone 6s has been the hero of the last days, which saved life of women during the Manchester attack.

A few days ago, on 22 May, there was a bomb terrorist attack after Ariany Grande concert. The bomb exploded near the entrance to the Manchester Arena. 22 people were killed in this terrorist attack and about 64 people were injured. If Lisa Bridgett did not talk at the time via her iPhone 6s, the statistics would look worse. Admittedly, the woman was seriously injured during the attack, but she is alive.

The iPhone 6s slowed down and changed the trajectory of the bomb fragment.

The situation resembles a scene from the movie, where hero has been saved by hip-flask or coin. Times are changing, now almost everyone has a smartphone. The metal bomb shard flew toward Britain’s head, hit her middle finger, smartphone, and at the end hit her nose. Thanks to the fact that the shard hit the phone first, it lost most of its energy and caused much less damage. This is not the first case where the iPhone has saved lives for its owner.

In 2015, a California student was shot in the leg during robbery, luckily iPhone in his pocket stopped the bullets. The Turkish soldier whose life saved the iPhone 6 had similarly lucky. In October last year, the whole world came round to the news of bulletproof Nokia that was found in Afghanistan.

Source: BGR

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