This is great news for all owners of Apple devices. This company has recently released all applications from iWork and iLife suites for free. There is no catch here, this promotion is for all iPhone and MacBook users. Also, those who bought second hand equipment.

This is pretty good information. Especially when I did not expect to receive any news about Apple until the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), which is the most important event for Apple this year. In addition to the last news of the autumn launch of the new iPhone, I thought I would not be surprised. However, I was very pleasantly surprised when I found out that paid iWork and iLife suites time were published for free for iPhone, iPad and MacBook owners.

What are iWork and iLife applications from Apple?

A lot of people use Microsoft Office. This is very good product from Redmond giant. Just like in case of Microsoft suite, iWork contains three programs. This approach gives as maximum benefits with minimum amount of applications. iWork includes: Pages, Numbers, and Keynote apps. These are typical equivalents of Word, Excel and PowerPoint. For those who do not want to overpay for Office, iWork is a perfect free alternative. For people looking for sensations, something will be found. The shared iLife package includes a Garageband application that will allow us to create our own music. ILife will also provide iMovie, a program for creating more or less advanced video clips.

How did iWork and iLife look like?

Apple made this decision, because they want to increase the popularity of these applications. Until now, these apps were not the cheapest, and the newer versions did not introduce too many changes. So the competition that dealt with the software department at some point overtook Cupertino. Each of the office applications costed €9.99, and audio and video applications were available fo €4.99 each. To compensate for the odds, as of today, all packages are available free of charge. This will surely hit LibreOffice, which is also available on Apple computers.

To be honest, applications from iWork and iLife packages will remain in some way paid, because their price will be included in the cost of the device. The same situation is with the macOS operating system. However, this seems to be a pretty good solution, as the user gets a fully functioning computer which can be used for something useful. People slowly forget that electronic devices serve more than just browsing the Internet. You can also work on them. Fortunately Apple understands this. It is very good approach to the customer.

Source: Mac Rumors

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