As you know, the giants always compete with each other. Everyone wants to achieve the leading position in the market. We also know that giants always sneak. That is not fair. At one time the dispute between Apple and Samsung ended up in court.

In 2012, Samsung lost a court battle with Apple. The court ruled that the famous manufacturer of Android devices has to pay 930 millions of dollars in compensation for the giant from Cupertino. Of course, Samsung did not leave the matter and they did not want to pay the full amount. As in the case of lawsuits sometimes it brought about numerous appeals, after which compensation decreased to 548 millions. Nobody, however, had intention to cancel it. Apple, however, is dissatisfied with the judgment because they believe that this amount is far too low. All through that, after 2012, despite the judgment of Samsung further blunt violate Apple’s patents. It must be recognized from this place that a lot of projects have been on the market by Samsung, and the company is a leader in the electronics world when it comes to building screens and integrated circuits. Apple believes that Samsung released on the marked 5 smartphones which violate their patents and it was after the verdict was announced. Therefore, the Cupertino company calls for a further 179 millions of dollars and this time there is no intention to let go.

The whole situation has caused a rebellion of users. They believe that Apple does not demand the truth, but profit at the expense of competition. Many people believe that patents restrict the development of technology and the world without them would be much more competitive. There’s a reason. The truth is that the US can be patented utter crap, which in general should not be subject patent. Users laugh that Apple patented the edges of the phone and now they attract all companies through the courts. Both of them are right. Yes, there are abuses between companies, but Apple sometimes overdoing the quantity and “originality” of patents.