Will we have a small revolution in the wearables market? Currently available smartwatches communicate mostly via Bluetooth technology, which provides connectivity between the device and the smartphone. Also, Apple Watch is in full need of a connection with the iPhone, which then connects to the Internet.

Interestingly, Apple last year wanted to release its smartwatch with LTE support, but designers did not solve problems with the short battery lifetime. The limited battery capacity is the biggest problem when it comes to introducing LTE modems to Apple Watch and other wearables. Data transmission with this technology has quite a high demand in terms of power consumption. This is why Bluetooth is constantly being refined for energy efficiency and coverage for slow data transmission. Bluetooth 5 works well here, but manufacturers want to use LTE in smartwatches. Samsung has already done it.

How Apple is going to solve battery problems with LTE modem in Apple Watch?

Cupertino engineers have for some time already had the prototype Apple Watch connecting to mobile networks. The market for such device is limited, but for an example all major US operators already support eSIM. However, Apple is always cautious with the introduction of new technologies. Their customers do not care about the numbers and specifications. Apple customers are always thankful for the functionality provided by the refined software. That’s why Apple has probably worked on two fronts during troubleshooting the Apple Watch LTE short battery lifetime. It is not enough to work on increasing battery capacity and more energy efficient electronic components. Software that saves energy is the key to the success, but it should not reduce the functionality of the device.

Bloomberg’s editorial board is based on well-informed internal sources.

It seems that the journalists are in direct contact with people involved in the work on Apple Watch 3. All informations are quite likely. First of all, the new Apple Watch equipped with LTE modem is expected to be released later this year. What is interesting is that it will be equipped with an Intel chipset. Of course, the new Apple Watch will not sell itself without cooperation with operators who need to provide support for eSIM. That is why Apple has for some time been in talks with operators in the United States and Europe. However, on the day of the launch the Apple Watch 3 with LTE modem may be available only in selected mobile networks. There is also no assurance that the new smartwatch from Apple will be released later this year. Apparently, the schedule is pretty tight and it does not depend on Cupertino people.

Source: Bloomberg