I do not have good news for those of you who want to buy cheap iPhone. Unfortunately, Apple will withdraw iPhone 4s and iPhone 5c models from India. It is probably associated with coming premiere of iPhone 7 and the desire to increase the sales of more expensive models.

According to information published by Economic Times, Apple is already withdrawing iPhone 4s and iPhone 5c smartphones from India market. These two models are quite popular because of their price. You could buy iPhone 4s model between Rs 12. 000 – Rs. 16 000 and iPhone 5c version starting from Rs. 20 000.

It looks that Apple is not any longer interested in sub-20k smartphones market and they are not going to produce these quite old models any longer. It is not known when Apple will completely stop the shipment of iPhone 4s and 5c. Fortunately, you still have time to buy these smartphones. However, it is suspected that the prices will be soon higher, so you should hurry up. In my opinion, you should also buying of iPhone 5s version, because it costs about Rs. 22 000 – Rs. 25 000 for 16 GB version.