Apple has several successful smartphones. One of them is the iPhone 3GS, which appeared on the market 9 years ago. Today it is quite a prehistoric smartphone, but one of the Korean operators believes that despite this, it will find its buyers. SK Telink decided to check the stocks of the iPhone 3GS in stores and start selling them for $40 (about Rs. 2 730).

Can a 9-year-old iPhone 3GS still be useful to a modern user? It is worth mentioning here that we are talking about copies that have never been used, and the original packaging has been unsealed to check the condition of the battery. That is why we can say that the 9-year-old iPhone sold by the Korean operator is intact. Such equipment can be perfect as a backup phone or be a good alternative to low-budget devices such as the new Nokia 3310.

iPhone 3GS Korea

iPhone 3GS has been updated to iOS 6.1.6

We are all well aware of the fact that Apple provides a very long period of support for its smartphones. However, a 9-year-old iPhone with iOS 6 will not allow the use of modern applications and services offered by Apple. That’s why the iPhone 3GS sold in South Korea will be best for calling, writing SMS / MMS, listening to music and browsing websites. Email checking may still be involved.

The offer of the Korean operator can also be an interesting opportunity for collectors. The value of a well-preserved iPhone 3GS can in ten years exceed the amount requested by the Korean operator. Therefore, its purchase may turn out to be a good investment.

Source: ETNews