This is never ending story. Every time when new iPhone is released on the market, Android fans are complaining about poor specification of new Apple’s smartphone. However, every test and benchmark show that every new iPhone provides outstanding performance.

To be honest, it is not surprising that iPhone 7 has beaten Samsung Galaxy Note 7 in this test, because already iPhone 6s proved to be faster than Note 7 in the same time. Generally, flagship Android smartphones has more cores and RAM than iPhone mobiles. However, iOS is much better optimized because Apple develops the operating system and design the device. In case of Android phones, operating system is developed by Google and mobile manufacturers modify it and add their own additional applications. As you can see on this video, the problem of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 (and other Android smartphones) is not-optimized memory management. This can be also caused by additional applications which are running in the background. Of course, you will not probably use your smartphone in this way. Fortunately, Samsung is already working on memory management issue (it is called Turbo Speed Technology). So, maybe Samsung Galaxy S8 will achieve better result in the next speed test.