People want to know how fast are their smartphones, so they install applications for checking this. The most popular benchmark of this type is of course AnTuTu. Some manufacturers (for an example Xiaomi) praise the results of the AnTuTu tests in their advertising of new flagship mobiles. It turns out that the best results in 2016 could boast of all models of the iPhone 7.

Immediately you will probably find for me a screenshot with the result much better than that which new iPhone is able to achieve. But not in this thing. AnTuTu periodically publishes rankings based on the average results of performance tests conducted by users. They were taken into consideration all the tests that were performed between 1st January and 31st December last year. For each smartphone model included in the comparison its users had to execute at least 2 000 tests. The truth is that the AnTuTu benchmark result depends not only on the hardware configuration of the device. The performance of a smartphone is affected by installed the software (operating system version) and applications which are running in the background.

iPhone Plus 7 users have obtained an average of 181 316 points.

Interestingly, almost identical in terms of hardware model, which is the iPhone 7, had an average score of 172 001 points. What is the reason of this 5% difference? Both Apple smartphones went on sale in September this year. They are powered by the same processor, which is Apple A10 Fusion chipset with quad-core processor clocked at 2.4 GHz. Also, the same module is responsible for the graphics. However, iPhone 7 Plus has to render more pixels than a smaller brother. The difference is also in an amount of RAM. iPhone 7 has at its disposal 2 GB of RAM, while the iPhone 7 Plus has 3 GB.

AnTuTu 2016

In case of Android devices, the fastest smartphone is OnePlus 3T.

The refreshed version of the 3rd generation of the flagship killer obtained third-place with a score of 163 013 points. OnePlus 3T is on sale for Rs. 29 999. It has Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 processor, which has a clock frequency similar to Apple A10. The number of cores is also the same. However, this phone has 10% worse result than the iPhone 7 Plus, despite having 6 GB of RAM. This clearly shows that Apple gains a lot, because they design both the hardware and the software.

Source: AnTuTu