Smartphones with two SIM slots are no longer a rarity. Currently, more and more manufacturers are releasing models that give the user a choice. A lot of people would like this feature to be included in iPhones too. Recently, there have been reports in the network saying that at least one of this year’s Apple smartphones will be equipped with two slots for SIM cards. What does it mean?

Apple is well-known for its great resistance to new trends in mobile devices. One of the characteristic features of smartphones designed in California is that they do not have a microSD card slot. Therefore, it is difficult to imagine a new iPhone with a solution similar to the hybrid SIM. This is what allows you to install the second operator’s card or expand the smartphone’s memory. However, it turns out that one of this year’s iPhone models will have space for a second SIM card. However, this option will only be available in China. Why?

This year’s iPhones will get Apple SIM support

The new solution is mentioned in the 21st Century Business Herald report. Speech in it about new iPhones with the Dual SIM function. However, as Apple agreed, it will not be a standard solution. The second SIM card will be programmable. This means that customers will be able to use the services of operators who support the Apple SIM solution. Thanks to this, owners of new iPhones will be able to reduce the costs of using the mobile Internet during foreign trips.

However, Apple SIM does not work in China. That’s why the Dual SIM iPhone that will be sold in this country will be equipped with a slot for a second physical SIM card. This means that iOS should not have the least problems with the network support of two operators. Who knows, maybe next year Apple will decide to introduce an analogous solution also in other countries. On the other hand, the Apple SIM service also seems to be an attractive solution for people who travel a lot.

Source: 21st Century Business Herald

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