Apple employees are extremely sensitive to the safety of their product. Californian engineers assume that no one should be able to read the data stored on the locked iPhone. Even the police and national security services. Until now, the services have used Grayshift’s GrayKey for this purpose. However, the update to iOS 12 includes security features that GrayKey can not handle.

Apple has already been “asked” by various law services to deliver a backdoor or unlock the iPhone, which was evidence in the case. However, the Cupertino giant always responded in such situations that the data stored on iPhones and in the iCloud are encrypted and can not be read in any way. That’s why several security companies have made a point of honour to break Apple’s security mechanisms. After all, the police are willing to pay a lot of money for this “iPhone breaker”. One of these devices is Grayshift’s GrayKey. One of the designers of this equipment is Braden Thomas – a former Apple security worker. GrayKey was able to unlock the iPhone X and break the limited operating mode of the USB interface that appeared in the iOS 11.4 update.


GrayKey can not unlock iPhones with iOS 12

This equipment is used by the police to read data stored on iPhones found at crime scenes. The mysterious box can unlock any iPhone with iOS 11 from 2 minutes to 3 hours. Nobody knows how this device works. The most likely version assumes that GrayKey breaks the password using the bruteforce technique and uses exploits. They are used to bypassing security measures that force the interval between successive attempts to enter the password, However, Apple had to implement new security in iOS 12. The Minnesota police are not able to read data from iPhones that have a new operating system loaded.

This does not mean that Grayshift has given up. It is also not that GrayKey is completely uncomfortable with iOS 12. The device is able to read the basic data about the connected iPhone and obtain the structure of directories and information about file sizes. However, GrayKey is unable to unlock the iPhone and copy files previously encrypted from it. That’s why the services are counting on Grayshift to develop a new exploit that will break Apple’s new security mechanism.

Source: Forbes