People watching mobile device market probably noticed that in the past year, Apple has focused on increasing sales of iPhone in India. This is not surprising, because in the end it is the second largest mobile market in the world. Of course, the first is China. However, sale results in the Middle Kingdom for 2016 are not satisfactory for Apple. For the first time in five years the iPhone has not been the best-selling smartphone in this country.

This title belongs to Oppo R9, which sold 17 million copies. This result seems stunning, but this translates to only 4% of the market share. Apple managed to sell 12 million units of the iPhone 6s in China. Generally speaking, the number of smartphones sold in China is increasing. 465 million phones were shipped this country. Oppo has reported the largest increase in deliveries (up 109%). In second place in this category is Vivo (78%), and the third is Huawei (21%). However, not all companies have noted an increased demand for their smartphones.

Apple has provided to China 21% less iPhones than a year earlier.

A similar problem has Xiaomi, which reduced the supply to that country by 22%. Analysts point to the fact that the Chinese are becoming more and more conscious consumers, but they prefer to buy mid-range devices. This is reflected on the worse the results of the sale of all kinds of flagship smartphones. What customers pay attention when buying a new smartphone? No doubt mobile device market was last year driven by: fast charging techniques, OLED screens, bigger batteries and dual-camera systems. Unfortunately, the iPhone 6s does not have most of these features. It is true that the iPhone 7 Plus had a larger battery and a dual camera, but this phone was too expensive for most Chinese. If the rumours are confirmed and the iPhone 8 will finally have OLED screen, Apple may be able to make up for losses.

Source: CNBC


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