Everyone was excited when Apple has announced new iPhone SE and its surprisingly low price, Rs. 30 000 for 16 GB version. You can read more information about this the most powerful 4-inches smartphone in the previous news. Unfortunately, information on prices proved to be erroneous.

The price in India will be close to the European price, i.e. 490 EUR for iPhone SE 16 GB version. This price is nearly 40% higher than $399 in U.S. Therefore, prices in India for iPhone SE 16 GB model will start at Rs. 39 000, not Rs. 30 000. This mean that the newest 4-inches Apple smartphone will be little bit cheaper than iPhone 6s (about Rs. 41 500 for 16 GB version), which is little bit bigger (4.7 inches screen) and have better front camera and more powerful connectivity modules with support of LTE-Advanced and all known WiFi standards with MIMO. iPhone SE supports only standard LTE and has a single antenna for WiFi. Are still interested interested in this the most powerful 4 inches smartphone from Apple?