Face ID is new authentication system implemented as first in iPhone X, which is going to replace good working Touch ID. This innovative face recognition system is expected to be much more precise that similar solutions implemented in Android phones. Therefore, a lot of people have started to test and trick new Apple feature just after iPhone X release on the market. Among them are attempts to unlock smartphones by twins. Can iPhone X differentiate two almost identical people?

Phil Schiller, during the presentation of the iPhone X, remarked that Face ID could be cheated by the “evil twin”. The face recognition system used by Apple is very intelligent and statistically 20 times more secure than the Touch ID. However, it is only statistic. While the probability of unlocking iPhone X protected by Face ID by a random person is 1 to 1 000 000 (in the case of Touch ID it is 1 to 50,000), it does not work for twins. A test by Mashable shows that twins can trick Face ID.

However, in the Buisness Insider test, iPhone X with Face ID distinguishes twin brothers.

The result of this experiment is quite surprising. It looks that Face ID is a good solution for anyone who does not have a twin. However, no one here should blame Apple, because it is obvious that face recognition systems fail in such cases. Touch ID is theoretically less secure, but in that case it works better. Unfortunately, Apple has never tried to implement Touch ID in their new bezel less smartphone. Who knows, perhaps the problem of “evil twin” will motivate manufacturers to continue work on integration of fingerprint reader with OLED screens. Vivo already demonstrated the prototype of such solution. However, it is unclear what is the accuracy of presented implementation.

Source: 9to5mac