Apple has quite a lot of problems when it comes to preparing the right number of iPhone X copies that would meet the expectations of the community. There is nothing to hide, the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus are not too different from last year’s models. That is why Apple fans who are eager for a technological revolution are waiting to buy the iPhone X. However, since its presentation, more and more information on the production line delays is starting to appear on the web.

The iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus had their premiere just days ago. Many people were disappointed that the same day in the stores did not appear iPhone X, but this decision was announced in advance. Initially, it was reported that the premiere of the all-awaited miracle from Apple will take place on November 3. However, all indications are that while pre-sales may start as announced (October 27), some may not receive their iPhone X this year. Why this problem?

Production of iPhone X is slowed down by the lack of sufficient Face ID components.

The Face Recognition System is the greatest innovation of the breakthrough iPhone and unfortunately slows down the entire production process. Unfortunately, these reports come from many independent sources. First on September 20 we learned that the production of the iPhone X has not yet started. This was said to be an additional monthly delay. A week later, the Wall Street Journal reported that the delays stem from a lack of components called Romeo and Juliet. This is a couple of layouts that are required for Face ID to work properly. Romeo is an infrared emitter that produces 30,000 dots to illuminate our face, and Julia is an infrared camera that reads their positions. Now we learn that the iPhone X will not be available in stores until the first quarter of the next year.

iPhone X

Apple sells 75 million iPhones during the last quarter of each year. Although this number is composed of both new and old models, but after poor sales results of iPhone 8/8 Plus, we already know that everyone is waiting for the iPhone X. It is estimated that Apple will be able to produce about 10-12 million copies of iPhone X, and this is not enough to meet the market demand.

Source: USA Today