This is very good question. I was pleased to see in reality the several models of the iPhone in recent years. I have to admit, that iPhone smartphones are generally well designed high quality mobiles. For me, the most impressive is iOS optimization and long support from Apple. However, every new iPhone is very similar to its I was pleased to see the several models of the iPhone in recent years.

I wonder if Apple has any roadmap and new ideas. However, from end user perspective, it looks that their plan is to release a new iPhone model every year. iPhone SE is the iPhone 5s with more powerful components. Also, iPhone 6 was only bigger version of iPhone 5s. How does it look in case of iPhone 7?

iPhone 7

New iPhone 7 looks very similar to Apple smartphones from 6 series.

In my opinion, iPhone 7 was designed for mobile photography fans. Apple was working on new camera system very hard. Two new models will be available: small 4.7-inches iPhone 7 and bigger 5.5-inches iPhone 7 Plus. Both models have new category 9 LTE modem and are able to download mobile data with up to 450 Mbps speed using LTE-Advanced network. Also, both mobiles have the same Apple A10 Fusion chipset with quad-core CPU and six-core graphics unit. Is it boring? It was obvious that iPhone 7 is much faster than its predecessor. However, Apple has decided also to change the way how we listen music. Both iPhone 7 models do not have the headphone jack interface! In order to use your old headphones, you have to use lightning to jack adapter which is fortunately in the box. Of course, you can also buy new lightning or wireless headphones.


iPhone 7 smartphones have also new camera system.

In my opinion, the camera is the main difference between iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus models. Smaller smartphone has a single 12 MP main camera, however it is much better than camera used in iPhone 6s. iPhone 7 camera f/1.8 aperture six-elements lens and it is much faster than the previous camera system. Apple has used also much stronger LED flash. In case of iPhone 7 Plus, Apple has applied dual-camera system! They have used two 12 MP cameras (with f/1.8 28mm and f/2.8 56mm apertures). Thanks to this solution, iPhone 7 Plus is able to take amazing photos. You can find several samples in the network.

iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus will be launched in India on October 7th. Apple also has confirmed, but iPhone 7 will be priced in India starting from Rs. 60 000. The US price for 32 GB variant of iPhone 7 is $643, i.e. about Rs. 43 000. However, as you probably remember, iPhone SE was also more expensive in India than in US. However, still iPhone 7 will be cheaper than iPhone 6s which costed Rs. 62 000 in India for 16 GB variant. I think, that all iPhone 7 models will cost about 30% – 40% more than in US.