Do you know what are the main users problems with their new iPhones? They use these phones so intensively that they have to carry power-bank. During the intensive use, they take a lot of photos and record high-resolution videos, so they need bigger storage. Also, the smartphone may sometimes fall and damage.

Is there any single solution for these three problems? Fortunately, there is and it is called KUKE, i.e. battery and storage case for all iPhone 6 series, i.e. 6, 6 Plus, 6s and 6s Plus. What is amazing in this product? It contains 2400 mAh battery which is able to rise iPhone 6s from 20% to about 97% in 2 hours. What about the storage? Two versions will be available, i.e. 16 GB and 64 GB. However, in order to use this storage you have to install KUKE application in order to select files (photos and videos) which will be transferred from/to your iPhone. I am very glad that the KUKE case supports decryption 🙂 The data transmission speed is about 14 MB/s. Here you can watch short video which presents KUKE device very detailed:

As you can see, it will also protect your expensive smartphone 🙂 How much have you to pay for this device? 16 GB version costs $69 (about Rs. 4 670) and the 64 GB variant will be available for $119 (about Rs. 8 050). Unfortunately, the manufacturer is from Beijing and this amazing case is not available in India.